October 26, 2013

This is Tyra banks, isn't she lovely?
I'm a huge fans of her. Tahu kan Tyra bank dia adalah model berkulit hitam yang sangat sukses menjalani karir sebagai model plus dia bikin ajang pemilihan model yang langsung diproduserin sama si Tyra Banks ini apalagi kalau bukan American Next Top Model. Tyra Bank mematahkan opini bahwa untuk menjadi model sukses tidak hanya bisa dicapai oleh wanita yang cantik,berkulit putiH,kurus dan tinggi, woman who have curvy body juga bisa memiliki kesempatan untuk mencapai impian menjadi model.

She is the the first african american woman on the covers of GC and the sports illustrated swimsuit issues. She also the first African American woman who chosen to be the cover of the Victoria Secret catalogue.
Terlebih lagi Tyra Bank ga cuman punya skill berpose dia juga ahli bermake up. Dalam sebuah adegan cycle di antm aku liat Tyra memake up modelnya sendiri and she say I often do my make up by my self.
Woooo!! She is so talented!

What I want to share now is doing make up for photograph,it's a little bit different than every day make up. Some things look great in person buy don't translate well in pictures. Ada juga yang udah capek-capek make up di aslinya bagus trus pas photoshoot berlangsung malah keliatan ga sempurna tidak seperti yang diharapkan. Menurutku tips ini tidak hanya berguna untuk kamu yg punya hobi modeling, this tips is for everyone.

Here are a few make up tips to help you look best when you are in photographed :

1.  Use matte colors - Although shimmer can look great when applied properly, if you are a little unsure about what to do, it's always safe to go with matte colors.  Matte makeup won't reflect light, making it easy to apply and easy to photograph. Terutama warna dan tekatur foundation pakai yang jenisnya matte, ingat pengaplikasian foundation ga cuman diwajah tapi juga leher. Match the foundation to your chin and neckline. If you miss this step, you and the camera will see a sudden change of color from your face to the neck or upper chest,nggak mau kelihatan belang kan di foto hihi.

2.  Fill in your brows - Even if you don't fill in your brows on a daily basis, fill them in for your pictures.  Karena alis membingkai wajah, maka bentuk alis diwajah akan sangat berpengaruh hasilnya ketika di foto. Your eyes and face will look so much more complete if your brows are looking polished.

3.  Makeup will photograph 2 shades lighter -  Agar bibirmu terlihat stand out and be noticed, be sure that your lip gloss is a solid color and at least one shade deeper than you normally wear it. Trus pakai lipstiknya agak lebih cerah dari yang kamu pakai biasanya. Aslinya mungkin agak cerah tapi akan terlihat manis di foto.  Makeup doesn't translate as vibrant in photographs.  I recommend doing your blush, eyes and lip color a little more vibrant than you normally would.I, myself, never wear lip gloss, but when it comes to photos, lip gloss is a must. I consider my lips on the smaller side, so wearing lip gloss really helps them look full and plump in pictures.

4.  Use powder - Even if your makeup is applied perfectly, if you look shiny in your pictures it can ruin your whole look. bedak tabur sangat membantu make up mu terlihat matte, it locked your make up perfectly.  Once your makeup is complete, use a finishing or setting powder to make everything more matte. Sebaiknya selalu bawa bedak tabur disaat pemotretan ketika minyak diwajah muncul bisa langsung diatasin sama si bedak tabur.

5.  Wear false lashes - I have never had a bride who didn't like wearing false lashes, even if they were hesitant about them at first. If you want something more natural, buy the individual lashes and just put a few on the outer corners. If you're not comfortable with false eyelashes be sure to apply a good 2-4 coats of mascara just to make it look stand out and don't disappear in the brighter lights

6.  Apply your makeup in natural light - When you put on your makeup, sit by a window or in a room with a lot of natural light.  This will give you the best idea of what your makeup really looks like, and how it will look in the pictures.

7.  Wax - makeup does not adhere well to peach fuzz.  Whatever you normally wax on your face, wax it before your pictures.  I suggest waxing at least 48 hours before your pictures to give enough time for any redness and swelling to go down.

8.  Wear black mascara - Some people think black is too harsh for their skin tone, but I promise that when it comes to pictures, black looks good on everyone.  Wearing black mascara will bring out your eyes a lot more than brown will.

9. Gunakan cream blush atau lip stain. Bagus untuk warna dasar. Apply your blush a little heavier than normal but neatly and precisely. Don't over or under apply blush. This will also be in accordance to the effect you or your photographer want to accomplish with your look for this particular model shoot.

10. Untuk riasan mata jangan pilih warna gelap the reason you'll want this a light shade is because a darker shade will create an illusion of darkening of the eyes and will give the appearance that you did not get enough sleep the night. Stay with a light eye shadow to be sure and create the best results for your eyes.

For clothing wear brighter color, please avoid plain white,nude or black. Tergantung occasion aja sih.
Good luck for your photographed beauties!!
See you on my special pictorial in photo shoot on next post.

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