March 13, 2017

Last month was me and my husband anniversary I plan to take him to have a lunch on a fancy restaurant, I browsed some restaurant which located near Kuta. Then I decided to celebrate it at Sukun Restaurant in Alaya Kuta Resort.We also took Wikan to join us as well. Sukun restaurant is well known as its colorful summer vibe designed by Made Wijaya, the wall look very colorful with the mosaic tiles and ceiling looks like so bright with a sky blue painting. The name itself was taken from a Sukun tree which grown at the area of Alaya Hotel.

As we seat on the chair, both of us were served with some resfreshment welcome drink and also a cool towel. While choosing the menu the waiter brought Sukun Wedges which served with tartar and green peas sauce,it taste so good, the sukun was sweet even we ate it without the sauce.
I chose two mocktails one for me and for hubby. It feels very refreshing at this super hot weather. Not longer after that, the waiter served the meals on the table

1. Ayam Guling
Suckling Chicken with veggies and yellow sauce at the bottom, accompanied with yellow rice completed with some pickled cucumber and carrots. The chicken was crispy outside, very soft and moist inside. To make it tasteful try to mix it all together with the veggies.  The soup was so light I can taste some spices ingredients in there but it is not so thick as Balinese curry, Wikan loves the chicken soup, the meat was so tender and juicy.

2. Nasi Campur Be Pasih
Seafood Nasi campur is mixed rice with small portions of other dishes such as sweet octopus, plecing, balinese fresh sambal, egg balado sauce, steam tuna with balinese seasoning and sate lilit. Sate Lilit or coconut satay is made from mashed fish and mix traditional sauces and spices. The taste is very distinctive, sweet and savory.  The fish soup was sour-fresh, the recipe seem simple, the broth was clear and yellowish.

3. Alaya Lemonade
This is one of best mocktail in Sukun restaurant, it consist of lemon juice, smashed ginger, mint leaves, honey and soda. I like how it taste, and I bet when it comes with lemon and soda no one can resist it.

4. Mango Moon
Another choice of mocktails, if you love mango you gonna like it, it consist of mango pure, mint leaves, coconut water, and topped with ginger ale.

First I thought that all the meals will be spicy as other common Balinese meals maybe some of you were having the same thought, well honestly it is not spicy at all. Balinese cuisines are known as foods with a variety of spices, blended with the fresh vegetables, meat and fish. You can see steamed rice at both of the menu, well in Indonesia especially here in Bali, steamed rice is a must, steamed rice is commonly consumed in every meals. Pork, chicken, seafoods and vegetables are also are widely consumed. Sukun Restaurant main concept is bringing Balinese cuisine to be well known to all foreigners who came to Bali.  So if you do not like spicy food you can keep enjoying your first balinese meals here at Sukun restaurant.

We end our lunch with a very mouth watering dessert which called Sukun's Delight, it was so creamy and not too sweet and I must be enjoying my dessert so much and forgot to take the picture LOL. Thank you Alaya kuta for the very tasteful lunch. Hopefully I can back here next time.

Alaya Resort Kuta
Jalan Kartika Plaza, Gang Puspa Ayu No. 99, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

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  1. Happy Anniv ya both of u. The food looks delicious n yummy!

  2. Wow, looks tasty yu, jadi laperr ni hahah btw congrats for your anniv!

  3. Makanannya keliatan enak semua ya ampun jadi lapeeeer! >,< Tempatnya juga cantik banget yah warna-warni, instagramable!

    Anyway, happy anniversary for mba ayu & husb <3

  4. happy anniversary mbok ❤❤❤ wahh smw kliataaannya wenak wenak apalagi nasi campurnya tuh *ngecess

  5. Aku lapar. Btw happy anniversary, mbok~

  6. Happy anniversary mb ayu sama Bli Dewa...
    Minumannya keliahatan enak banget 😉


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