Hi sahabat CantikkkID <(?O?)/

I was born on 8th May,

I'm indonesian and I'm Balinese

Maybe some of you has already know that Bali is a beautiful island best holidays destination in the world

Yes I was born here!

I work for living as a beauty consultant for about 4 years in one of foreign cosmetics company

I love to share my experience in make up and skincare with my friends until finally they ask me to make a beauty tips twitter account @akucantikkkid

But unfortunately, 140 characters in twitter are not really enough place for me to share the experience I got So last few months I decided to write it in a blog.

The blog actually contains of some of my experience in using skincare and cosmetics how I feel about the products and some applicable tips to increase and maximize woman's beauty from the inside and outside.

Hopefully you enjoy my writing here and don't hesitate to ask me everything you want to know about.

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle,and the life of the candle will no be shortened. Happines never decreases by BEING SHARED"


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